Third Worldness in America Pt. 1

Welcome to Third World Diva. Diva? I sing so there’s that.

What is Third Worldness in America? It is being born in Montreal, Canada, raised in Brooklyn  and at home hearing three, sometimes four languages in a day. It is accents, spices only sold by old ladies on Nostrand Avenue, thinking in a different language and traditions that are hard to explain. Third Worldness is the lens from which I see the world.  But,  I am not Haitian. I am not American. I embody both.

The merger

With all my American schooling sometimes I still say, “I’m going to do the market” instead of “I’m going grocery shopping”. I love Haitian food except for fried chicken, leave it to the Americans.

But where is the golden crunch?

This is what I’m talking about.

But don’t mess with Haitian rice. It’s fail proof!

You know you want some.

Third Worldness, is like making a new smoothie everyday, I’m blending ingredients from two cultures while deciding what to keep and what to save for tomorrow.

Served hot.



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